Famous Impressionist Paintings by 'Mary Stevenson Cassatt'

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MaryStevenson Cassatt


Mary Cassatt was an Impressionist painter who lived during the mid 1800s. Coming to the art scene a bit later than the rest of the Impressionists, she was no less respected or influential that the rest of her contemporaries. Cassatt was American by birth. She studied first at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts during the course of the American Civil War. Against the will of her parents, who were never keen on the idea of Cassatt becoming a painter nor moving away, Cassatt moved to France. The great art center of the world was, at the time, Paris. Also there were the Impressionists, whose influence Cassatt had felt early on. Cassatt fell into the little group of upstart artists quite easily and became fast friends with Edgar Degas.

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