Famous Impressionist Paintings by 'Edouard Manet'

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Edouard Manet was a prominent 19th century painter who rose to great fame. A generation older than the Impressionists, that didn’t stop them from counting Manet as their friend and unofficial father of Impressionism. Manet denied the fact that he so greatly influenced anyone and tried to distance himself from Impressionism. In order to maintain popularity with the masses and prestige at the Academie, Manet tried to deny that he was an Impressionist painter in the slightest. But whatever prestige he had amongst the elite painters and critics was already tarnished somewhat by his painting Olympia. A mostly nude prostitute lounges on bed, looking directly out at the viewer. Although this was accepted for exhibition, it was considered scandalous and many didn’t give Manet good feedback. Nonetheless, this painting did draw attention from his young contemporaries the Impressionists and influenced them directly as they searched themselves for a new way in which to portray the world.

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