Famous Impressionist Paintings by 'Albert Charles Lebourg'

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AlbertCharles Lebourg


Lebourg Albert, born February 1, 1849 at Montfort-sur-Risle and died January 6, 1928 in Rouen, is a painter of the School of Rouen.

After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Rome, he taught drawing in Algiers from 1872 to 1877 where he met the colorist John Seignemartin Lyon (1848-1875). Under his influence, his palette lightens Lebourg and carries a "series" of paintings from the same subject.

He exhibited at the Salon of 1878 a woman reading. At the fourth Impressionist exhibition of 1879, it has ten tables and ten charcoal drawings inspired by Algeria and Normandy with the Admiralty in Algiers. He exhibited with the Impressionists again in 1880.

It reappears at the Salon in 1886 with Snow in Auvergne.

Palsy, Lebourg stopped painting in 1925. Winter landscapes and sites along the water have the choice of artist for whom "values ​​prevail over tones.

He is buried in monumental cemetery of Rouen.

He was a member of the Academy of Sciences, Literature and Arts of Rouen.

An exhibition dedicated to him on 10 October 2009 to January 17, 2010 at the Museum Alfred Canel Pont-Audemer.

Claude Roger-Marx criticizes this "dandy careful and scrupulous" confusing "a mess with the cult of flickering light." Germain Bazin likes, meanwhile, highlight the uniqueness of Lebourg who "does not divide the tone, but fragmenting the pad to vibrate color."

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